• The duration of the Bachelor’s Degree in Management (BBA) (semesterised scheme) shall be three academic years consisting of two semesters in each academic year and each semester shall have a minimum of 16 weeks of instructional work.
      • However, the candidate shall complete his/her degree within six years from the date of admission to the first semester of the degree course.
      • No candidate shall be permitted to appear for the examinations after the prescribed maximum period for completing the programme.


The medium of instruction and examination shall be English.


The course structure, the syllabi, and the scheme of examination of the BBA. Degree programme under the Faculties of Management shall be as framed by the concerned Boards of Studies and the same shall be considered and approved by the respective faculties and the Academic Council of the college.


  • The College shall conduct an examination after the conclusion of every semester.
  • The composition of theory and internal assessment for each paper shall be 70% and 30% Marks, respectively.

The examination pattern is as follows

Internal Assessment (for 30 marks)

  • The student will be examined for a total of 100 marks in each of the subjects prescribed for the respective semesters. The 100 marks consist of 30 marks for Internal assessment and 70 marks for External assessment. The Internal assessment marks are awarded by the concerned teacher and the external assessment is based on a common examination to be conducted by the college. Students having practical components carry a total of 150 marks consisting of 100 marks for Theory component (30 marks for Internal assessment and 70 marks for external assessment) and 50 marks for Practical component (10 marks Internal assessment on Journals and 40 marks for External Practical Examination).
  • The Internal marks for Practical component is awarded by the concerned teacher on the basis of journal of the student over the entire semester.
  • The Internal Assessment (IA) of the student shall be done by the respective subject teachers.
  • The college shall have continuous system of assessment during the entire programme.
  • There is no restriction of minimum marks for internal, however the candidate has to score a minimum 40 marks from the internal and end semester examination. Together in each subject, failing which he has to appear for end semester examination in that subject again.
  • There will be no provision for revision of internal assessment marks once finalize before semester and the examination at any stage thereafter.
  • The final internal marks for each subject awarded to the student shall be displayed on the notice board before the commencement of the semester end examination.
  1. The breakup of the Internal Marks for theory is as follows:
  2. Class tests announced (2 out of 3) 10 Marks
  3. Unannounced Test 5 Marks
  4. Seminar/Case Presentation 2.5 Marks
  5. Case analysis (Home Assignment) 2.5 Marks
  6. Event management 2.5 Marks
  7. Field study 5.0 Marks
  8. Attendance 2.5 Marks

Total Marks 30 Marks

Each class teacher should maintain respective records for internal assessment which may be examined by the authority or his nominee any time. (Blue Books are to be maintained for this purpose)

End Semester Examination (for 70 marks)

  • At the End of each Semester an examination for 70 marks shall be conducted by the College.
  • All the end semester external examination will be conducted for 3 years for 70 marks per paper.
  • The semester end examination shall be conducted ordinarily during the month of Nov/Dec for odd semesters and during the April/May for the even semesters or as notified by the college from time to time.
  • A student shall register for all the prescribed papers of a semester for the first time.
  • A student failing to satisfy the attendance requirement during the prescribed semester shall not be allow to appear for the semester end examination
  • To pass a student must secure 40% in the In-plant training Project Report evaluation & viva.