• The library forms a back bone of the educational institution. A good librarymeets half the requirements of curriculum.
  • The institute library has sufficient books covering the various management subjects. An adequate and liberal access to the books is a unique feature of the institute library.Besides the books, the institute subscribes to Business and General news papers.
  • The institute also subscribes to the different business magazines and periodicals to assist the students to enrich their knowledge and keep them up to date with the developments in the field.
  • Online excess to authorised referred journal sites and subject related sites.
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Class Rooms:

  • The class rooms are well equipped with multimedia and audio visual equipment LCD to facilitate effective learning. They are designed to promote maximum interaction between the faculty and the students. Each classroom has internet facility.
  • Rooms & the campus are monitered with CC cameras.
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Computer Lab:
  • With growing advancement in technology, computers skills are a must for any chosen field. In keeping this trend the institute has equipped the computer lab with complete facilities including internet and multimedia.
  • Broad band Internet and wireless facilties are made available to the students throughout the campus.
  • The liberal access to the computer and the responsive staff in the centre help the student continuously.
  • A comprehensive collection of all management related softwares including PC/XTs LAN and other peripherals are available to the students for more than 15 hours a day.
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  • The placement cell of the institute is managed by a placement officer and supported by a committee, faculty members and a student representative. \
  • The aimof the cell is to act as a channel of communication between organisations, seeking professionally trained managers and students ready to take-up challenging career opportunities.
  • The cell is especially responsible for correspondence with prospective employers. It would also prepare students for summer training programme.*
Every poor and deserving student will get scholarship and freeship. Following are
some of the scholarships and freeships available.
1. State Government Scholarships.
2. State Government freeship and fee concessions.
3. Central Government Scholarships.
4. Community Scholarships.
5. Students Aid Fund.
            A large number of scholarships and freeships are awarded by the central & state governments to deserving and poor students irrespective of caste and creed. The deserving students are advised to take note of and make full use of the
The institution also extends scholarships to the meritorious students as a reward.
Transport facility:
Institution runs courses from various locations of the city for the convienince of the students.